Bespoke Cakes


• Vanilla Sponge Cake (Jam Optional)

• Red Velvet Sponge Cake

• Chocolate Sponge Cake

• Chocolate Biscuit Cake/Rocky Road with your favourite treats inside

• White Chocolate Biscuit Cake/Rocky Road with your favourite treats inside

Rich Tea & Digestive Biscuits are included in the recipe of every chocolate biscuit cake/rocky road.

You can add up to 4 more treats inside the biscuit cake/rocky road.

Here are some options available;

- Maltesers

- Marshmallows

- Crunchie

- Terry’s Chocolate Orange

- M&M’s (chocolate/crispy/peanut)

- Pretzels

- Oreo

- Raisins

- Twix

- Lotus Biscoff

-Kinder Chocolate Bar

If your favourite treats aren’t on this list, ask when ordering and I may be able to add them for you!

Please note:
All cakes are made in a kitchen where nuts are handled. While I always try to accommodate people’s needs and I can make cakes that do not contain actual nuts, I cannot guarantee that my cakes are completely nut free. Please always inform me of any allergies before ordering.
If you require gluten free, egg free or vegan alternatives please get in contact and we can discuss options.


Special requests can always be discussed but the standard flavours I offer are:

- Vanilla

- Chocolate

- White Chocolate

- Nutella

- Salted caramel

- Kinderella (Kinder Bueno Flavour)

- Lotus Biscoff

- Oreo

- Maltesers

- Peanut butter

- Strawberry

- Lemon

- Orange

- Raspberry

- Cherry

- Marshmallow

- Fudge

Cake fillings (such as strawberry jam, nutella, kinderella, etc) can be included upon request.


Cake sizing guide based on 1” x 2” finger slice portion

Short cakes

(2 thick or 3 thin layers of sponge or approx 5” tall rocky road/chocolate biscuit cake):

Short 6” up to 12-14 finger size servings

Short 9” up to 25-30 finger size servings

Short 10” up to 33-38 finger size servings

Short 12” up to 50-56 finger size servings


Tall cakes

(3 - 4 layers of sponge or 7”+ rocky road/chocolate biscuit cake:

Tall 4.5” up to 8-10 finger size servings

Tall 6” up to 20-25 finger size servings

Tall 9” up to 35-40 finger size servings

Tall 10” up to 50-60 finger size servings

Tall 12” up to 80-100 finger size servings


The design of your cake can be personalised to suit your needs. We can discuss ideas for your cake/cupcake design when you enquire about ordering

If you have a design idea in mind I welcome sending images to be used as inspiration.

If you don’t have any design ideas in mind, have a browse through my gallery to see if any of my previous designs spark your interest.

The elements that could be included in the design of your cake are as follows;


I can add personalised/themed edible images to your cakes. From family photos to favourite cartoon characters, you can add any type of edible image you’d like.

Browse our galleries for some examples of cakes that include edible images.



All cakes and cupcakes can be themed to suit your special event/occasion and it's colour scheme.


Cake toppers

I make glitter/matte card cake toppers for all occasions. They can read any message you like.

I’ve listed some of the most popular options below:

- ‘Happy Birthday (Name)’ eg. ‘Happy Birthday Abbie’

- ‘Happy (age) Birthday (name)’ eg. ‘Happy 1st Birthday Abbie’

- ‘(Name) is (age)’ eg. ‘Abbie is One’

- ‘Age’ - eg. ‘Twenty One’

- ‘On your retirement (Name)’

- ‘(Name)’s Christening/Communion/Confirmation Day’

- ‘On your Christening/Communio/Confirmation (Name)’


Short cakes (3 layers of sponge)

Short 6” - €55-€70

Short 9” - €95-€110

Short 10” - €115-€125

Short 12” - €125-€140


Tall cakes (4+ layers of sponge)

Tall 4.5” - €45-€65

Tall 6” - €85-€105

Tall 9” - €115-€135

Tall 10” - €145-€165

Tall 12” - €155-€175


Pull-apart cupcake cakes

Prices of pull-apart cakes depend on cupcake quantity/size and design chosen.


All cake prices depend on design, flavours, theme/personalisation requested.

Extra charges may apply for added details such as faux flowers, edible images, handmade fondant figures, detailed designs etc.


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